Kent McNeil

CTO, Bridge International

Roles hired for: Software (frontend, backend, QA), Business Intelligence, UI, Senior Architect

"Shortlist has done an excellent job of understanding the type of team we're trying to build and the sorts of candidates who excite us - accordingly, when we get pushback on the potential of candidates (e.g. if they don't perform entirely well on the tech test), we/I take that deeply to heart. We've not hit all our hiring targets, but I remain convinced the hires that we've made are great, long-term additions and I also remain optimistic about continued successes.Thanks for your partnership."


Joe Bell

Manager, Business Operations, Redaptive

Roles hired for: Salesforce Developer, Energy Engineer

“Since our first day working with Shortlist in India, they have been attentive, proactive, and responsive to feedback. In under one year of working with Shortlist, we have nearly doubled the size of our team in Pune, India, and are continuing to work with Shortlist to build out our organization across a variety of roles ranging from Energy Engineers to Salesforce developers to Accountants. We are excited to continue working with the Shortlist team as Redaptive’s operations grow in India.”


Mukul Kumar Sharma 

COO, Pinkvilla

Roles hired for: Lead Software Development

"We found Shortlist very unique and professional in their services. The targeted approach to identify suitable candidates based on the exact requirement we had, worked spot on. We actually closed the position with the 1st set of CVs shared. Would highly recommend them to one and all."


Aaron Yueran

Co-founder, Hopscotch Health

Roles hired for: Lead Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Backend & Frontend Developer

"We are very excited about these new hires. We'd like to say thank you to everyone at Shortlist who has been involved with this long and successful hiring cycle. These hires would not have been possible without the close involvement of your team. We're looking forward to growing our team with Shortlist in the future."

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